Krakow: Leader Among Regional Office Cities

According to data collected by Savills consulting company, the innovative office space in Krakow has increased 4 times for the last 4 years. The city has become one of the largest and the most developing regional office markets in Poland.

Innovative office space in Krakow amounted to almost 1.42 million sqm at the end of 2019, i.e. ¼ of space available on 8 largest regional markets in the country; almost 160 000 sqm of new office space was delivered last year and 500 000 sqm is envisaged until the end o 2022. It means that the total office space in the capital of Little Poland will amount to 2 million sqm in 3 years.

The largest projects executed in 2019 are Fabryczna Office Park – 2 buildings of total space amounting to 29 100 sqm, V. Offices – 21 700 sqm, and Tischnera Office – 32 800 sqm. The most popular locations among investors are Zabłocie – total office space amounts to 159 700 sqm and the area of Wadowicka Street with office buildings of total space amounting to 110 200 sqm.

According to the report, the dynamic growth of this construction sector has been recorded since 2016. It resulted in an almost 4 times bigger increase within 4 years. The main reason for this boom is a growing need for this type of space.

Agnieszka Kuehn, Regional Manager, Office Space Department at Savills, Krakow, says:

The demand for office space gross in Krakow has been beating records since 2014. We’ve been observing a high activity among tenants from the sector of new technologies in recent years. Krakow is the largest center of innovative services for business in Poland, which hires about 70 thousand people in this sector. The capital of Little Poland is mainly attractive due to its access to qualified employees as this is the second-largest academic center in the country with almost 135 thousand students.

Apart from traditional office space in Krakow, there are more and more coworking spaces and serviced offices that provide innovative conditions to all interested, freelancers and people who carry out the so-called liberal professions. There is currently about 45 000 sqm in the city.


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