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E-biurowce website enables image and content-related marketing campaign of your office building. Thanks to the combination of text and graphic materials, the potential tenant has the access to all information about your investment: available surface, description of the project, history of the building, interior arrangement and building management.

Website also offers advertisement of the companies which are connected to the construction works, arrangement and office management. Cooperation with our website will help you in presenting your offer and products to the potential customers.

If you are interested in reaching your customers through out website, we encourage you to get acquainted with more information about e-biurowce and with particular advertisement offers:

Range of our website is international

Targeted group of our website’s users
  • Investors and developers from commercial real estate sector,
  • Tenants of the office buildings,
  • Architects and designers,
  • General contractors,
  • Investment funds,
  • Administrators in commercial real estate sector,
  • Advisors on office hire / sale,
  • Engineers and distributors,
  • Financial institutions: banks, insurance companies, funds,
  • Economists,
  • Lawyers and legal advisers,
  • Construction companies.
Marketing communication of the website

Outside Marketing
  • We are the media partner of main events in real estate sector in Poland,
  • We issue publications which we distribute during events and send to people interested in the real estate sector,
  • We sell tematic publications and we make free e-publications available on the website,
  • We advertise ourselves in professional press via articles and image advertisement

Internet Marketing
  • We use SEO activities to promote e-biurowce website in the internet search engines,
  • We use social media marketing,
  • We conduct an AdWords campaign,
  • We are constantly developing our subscribers base to whom we regularly send our newsletter
If you want to verify a thematic content of our texts, feel free to read our website and take advantage of our free newsletter:

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