High5ive: Final Construction Phase

High5ive Kraków, source: partner's press materials
High5ive Kraków, source: partner's press materials
The third and the final construction phase of High5ive has just been started. The new office building executed by Skanska Property Poland will be the first building of this company in Krakow awarded WELL certificate.

International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) awards certificates basing upon the verification of over 100 requirements met by office buildings that apply for this prestigious document. This certification process is aimed at assessing the impact of buildings on people; employees who benefit from this type of space, customers and all interested people who visit the building from time to time.

High5ive office buildings designed by the Krakow NS Moon Studio company will deliver 70 000 sqm of leasable space in total; 11 150 sqm of which will be provided within the final building. The investment applies for WELL certification; it’s submitted to LEED Platinum for green construction together with buildings from the second phase of the project. The buildings of the second and the third phase apply for the “Building With No Barriers” accessibility certificate.

The project of the Krakow High5ive office complex is in compliance with the landscape of the city center. This is currently one of the most recognizable buildings located in close proximity to the railway station and Galeria Krakowska. The building started four years ago and the first office spaces were commissioned two years ago. At present, four buildings are completed; the final fifth building will close the project of the whole complex from Pawia Street. Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director at Skanska, sums up:

We can already say that this investment has turned out to be a great commercial success, which is confirmed with both great popularity among tenants and sales of four buildings.


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