Office Temptation: Tenants Call The Shots

Employers offer more facilities to attract tenants
Employers offer more facilities to attract tenants
Showers, kindergartens, restaurants, or fan zones; owners and managers of innovative office buildings do their best to attract tenants.

They help out companies, for whom this is a great challenge today to find the right employee during the recruitment process.

Poland is becoming a more and more attractive place for investments year-by-year, whereas the commercial market is developing at a very fast pace. Big cities literally abound in new office spaces. Some regions of Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk or Warsaw look like a huge construction site. If someone hasn’t been, for instance, in the capital of Little Poland for a while, they probably wouldn’t recognize some spots right now; ubiquitous cranes, billboards, purrs of machines, etc. What used to be empty space is now a glazed building with lots of employees working inside.

The amount of office space for rent in Warsaw currently totals ca. 5 400 000 sqm; over 1 200 000 sqm in Krakow, above 1 000 000 sqm in Wrocław, and, according to experts, there will be 500 000 sqm of new office spaces in Krakow in the next three years. However, as far as finding a new office doesn't constitute a big problem right now, finding the right employee seems to be much harder. The unemployment rate in large agglomerations is at a record-breaking level and there aren't enough employees on the market. Hence, the head office of any company is crucial during the recruitment process, including surroundings, equipment, and facilities; all these factors mainly depend on both owners and managers of properties.

Comfort At Work Matters

We spend one-third of a day at work, and sometimes even more, including extra hours. Contrary to appearances, the white-collar job isn’t so easy. Although there is no necessity of carrying heavy boxes or dealing with difficult weather conditions, many tasks require a huge and long-lasting effort, which is often very challenging for mental health. Desk job tends to be repetitive, tiresome and requires constant creativity and full alert. Hence, the comfort of employees is so important. Nowadays, this isn’t only about a desk and a comfortable chair; space that surrounds corporate employees is much broader and exceeds the concept of a social room (kitchen, kitchenettes and dining room). Innovative offices are designed in compliance with the latest trends, which determine the needs of employees.

Oprócz miejsca do pracy, pracownik oczekuje również miejsca do relaksu
Employees need a place to relax at work

One sqm of office space in Krakow costs ca. 14 EUR, but experts leave no doubt: prices will go higher as costs of construction materials and maintenance (electricity or garbage collection) go higher too. In order to keep tenants at increasing prices, owners of office buildings need to put greater effort; offer more and distinguish themselves with additional facilities or services. Nowadays, tenants call the shots and they definitely pay attention to extra bonuses.

Krakow office buildings offer lots of temptations for companies. Facilities for bicyclists are a standard element; stands, self-service stations, changing rooms, or showers – says Martyna Buczko, Sales Manager at Nowodworski Estates real estate agency. However, these are the fundamental elements that don’t decide about winning in the competition for the best tenant. Thus, decisive facilities are: kindergartens, laundries, fitness clubs, yoga rooms, and even squash or volleyball courts – says Buczko. Plus shops, restaurants, cosmetic and physiotherapy studios; all your heart may wish for. Office space is a working and fashionable place for meetings with an entertaining function. Additionally, there are also leisure time animators who organize time in the office, as well as events and other attractions.

Office Building Surrounded By Greenery

Corporate employees feel the need to be more eco and the commercial industry is trying to meet their expectations. Buildings are becoming "greener" thanks to energy-saving solutions and the right use of available resources. Energy-saving bulbs, dusk and motion sensors are standard elements, which are both eco and economical for the owners of buildings. There are also such solutions as rainwater recovery systems for watering plants in social gardens, which more often occur in the neighborhood of the office buildings at the cost of car parks as employees more eagerly commute by public communication or bicycle, or electric car-sharing services.

Owners of buildings and chairmen of companies do realize that air-conditioning isn’t enough for their employees to be more effective and satisfied with their job. Innovative office buildings, their workplaces, need to combine technological and green solutions in order to provide functionality and flexibility in the process of planning space. In other words, owners need to choose such solutions that correspond to the latest requirements and inclinations of employees, freeing their creativity and productivity. Otherwise, they will lose the battle against the best tenant – says an expert at Nowodworski Estates.


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