Krakow's Podgórze abounds in offices

Bonarka for Business in Krakow - Building F
According to the analyses conducted by Walter Herz, Krakow is an undeniable leader of the regional office markets and the resources of modern office areas in the city amounts to 850 000 sq. m. The most dynamically developing districts are Podgórze, Grzegórzki or Prądnik Czerwony.

Greenery – leitmotif of the Krakow’s office


Kalwaryjska 33 is situated in place of the former garden shop. The past of the plot, on which the office is being realized, inspired the authors of the project to make greenery the leitmotif of the investment. The central point of the building will be a tree stretching through all tiers of the building. Additionally, there will be plants on every floor of the office, for instance, flowers in planters or atrium with an alive green wall.


The office is being realized at Kalwaryjska Street in the Krakow’s Podgórze district and it constitutes another example of an office investment in this district. The building is to offer ca. 3550 sq. m of leasable space in total. Additionally, it is to be composed of one underground and five aboveground tiers. The investment is to be commissioned in 2017.


Smaller office projects in Krakow’s Podgórze


There are also smaller office projects located in Krakow’s Podgórze. The example is Hexagon. This 4-tier building is situated at Zamknięta Street in Podgórze. It offers office and retail areas and it delivers ca. 2600 sq. m of usable space to the market in Krakow. There is a possibility of purchasing premises with the option of further lease to e.g. other enterprises in Hexagon.


There are more examples of single smaller offices situated in the Krakow’s Podgórze district such as Wilga Business Center or Biznes Park Wielicka.


To sum up, companies from the sector of services for business are interested in the offices located in Krakow. It is a city which constitutes their main center in Poland. The offices in the capital of Little Poland are the response to the need for office space among outsourcing companies. They are built in different districts of the city, among which Podgórze is especially noticeable since the offices realized there are the examples of changes from the neglected post-industrial areas to a business district.

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