Business House Management
05-090 Raszyn, Janki
Mszczonowska 60
  • 42 256 06 66
  • 728 960 196

Since our business started in 2008 we have been managing and renting the commercial space. Years of experience allows us to perfect the action in this regard. Currently, our company owns two buildings in Warsaw and the surrounding area and two in Lodz.

The Business House offers 8,000 sqm of surface to let.  It is located in three buildings and has 106 parking spaces. The building uses cutting-edge technical systems that give tenants full comfort and safety. The office space in the buildings have a high quality finish. Location, together with the buildings' façade made of stone, aluminum and glass, make it stand out among the other buildings in the city.

In our company, we place great emphasis on the professionalism of the services provided, which is met with appreciation by a number of companies and institutions which have been our tenants, such as: T-Mobile, Eniro, Torfarm, Prosper, Contact Pharm.

We hope that the indisputable advantages of our properties will meet your expectations.