ZENIT Sp. z o.o. Developers
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Sienkiewicza 82/84
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The Zenit company was formed on 1 July 2004. It was founded directly using the framework of the privatisation of hosiery industries "Zenit" with 142 people being employed. The new owner continues the ongoing business of the production of hosiery which has operated since the 19th century. The company is part of Ferax Group formed by FERAX Ltd., Wola Ltd. and ZENIT Ltd.

Since the privatisation of the company, The Zenit has bought electronic hosiery machines and finishing equipment allowing a significant increase in the level of sales together with enrichment of the range of products, improvement in the quality and aesthetics of the products and an increase in the number of staff, which is currently approximately 250 people. In recent years the company has invested in a building, built in 1905, located in Sienkiewicz Street.

Aktualna oferta lokali biurowych

miasto: Łódź
metraż: 45 m2