jmsSTUDIO Architecture
30-102 Kraków
Kazimierza Morawskiego 5
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jmsSTUDIO Design Studio was created by Jolanta Smolarska, Magdalena Kidoń and Michael Smolarski,graduates of the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology.

Studio jmsSTUDIO contributes to those people for which architecture is a way of life not only in financial terms but also in terms of self-actualization and fulfillment.

JmsSTUDIO commenced work in 2004. The design team also includes interior decorators,graduates of ASP Fine Arts in Cracow. Therefore, jmsSTUDIO also has a section dealing with the development of interior design projects. The highly qualified team creates unconventional projects complying with the requirements and guidelines given by the customer.

Thanks to our experience, qualified staff and partnerships with experienced designers, we have potential for the implementation of comprehensive projects, taking into account the individual needs of demanding customers.

JmsSTUDIO Studio offers a full range of design services in the field of architecture including:

-Conceptual design
-Construction projects
-Implementing Projects within the trade
-Adaptive Designs
-Interior designs
-Inventories of buildings
-Energy Certificate

jmsSTUDIO performs full documentation regarding design-pricing together with the required construction law arrangements and licences for a given project, among others: experts' opinion with regards to sanitary hygiene, reconciliation of the Faculty of design fire protection of the environment, provincial road administration, agreeing with the conservationist.

Thanks to the hard work and conscientiousness and respecting the time and our customers' ideas, jmsSTUDIO has many interesting investments to date, and the customers who trusted us know they made the right decision.